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     Description for Dancing the Salsa:

    Scarlet Stevens is divorced, forty, broke, and back living in her small hometown. She goes to work and takes care of her children, but something inside is broken. There is no desire, just a great emptiness that she lugs around day in and day out.

    Her life changes when her town hosts its first Salsa Night. There she meets a handsome stranger, Esteban Vazquez, who introduces her to his world of dancing.

    She begins her late night travels to the Salsa Clubs. Scarlet is lured by the Latin rhythms that promise a never-ending carnival of flashing lights, spinning girls, and attractive men. She embarks on a journey that is exciting, frightening, and carries with it a certain guarantee of heartache and happiness, especially when she falls in love with her dance teacher.

    Scarlet is me, and her journey is more or less my life. Dancing the Salsa is inspired by my nights out dancing up and down the Central Coast and the lessons I learned along the way.


Description for Spirit and the Wolfman:

    Never go into the woods alone at night. You’ll never come out the same, if you come out at all.

    Spirit Taylor is a writer. She knows this. A thousand strange creatures are imagined to haunt the woods waiting to dine and do unmentionable things to unwise travelers. Anyone with a heartbeat knows that the woods are just plain creepy.

    Spirit isn’t one for making stupid mistakes. As a writer, she offers her characters no forgiveness. If a character is unwise enough to jump in a stranger’s car at point A, he never makes it to point B. But on this one occasion, Spirit forgets to be careful. After hearing that her longtime boyfriend wants to date other women, Spirit leaves the safety of her cabin and walks out into the night.

    Before long, Spirit will begin to understand that the world is fat with magic. Reality is not always as it seems. People can be monsters. A story can change your life. And, a heart can be drawn to two men at the same time, even if one is a wolf.


Description for Spirit and the Vampire:

Spirit Taylor is a writer who has bad luck with men. Monsters are naturally drawn to her, and she has a terrible habit of falling in love with them.

Spirit is a Phoenix, a Storyteller. She was made to live many lives and to write about her experiences. In this lifetime, Spirit has known this about herself for exactly six weeks.

Before then, she wrongly assumed that her stories came from her vivid imagination. The monsters in her books were made-up characters, not past boyfriends.

Despite her horrible track record with men, Spirit has finally found true love. Jack Laureaux is everything she could possibly want. He’s tall, dark, and handsome, with blue eyes that are spellbinding. His love is reliable and trustworthy. He’s a Wolfman, but Spirit doesn’t mind. She’s ready for happily ever after.

If it wasn’t for her ex.

Jeremy Curtis is gorgeous, smart, rich, and sexy. His sandy blonde hair and brown eyes have melted more than a few hearts. And, his bite is to die for.

What will Jeremy do when he finds out Spirit is still alive?

In this sequel to Spirit and the Wolfman, Spirit Taylor’s love life is about to get complicated.

Author Bio:

    Raeshell Rozet lives in California on the Central Coast. During the day, she works at a Junkyard with her life partner, Efrain Estrada. In the evening hours, she creates tales that flit back and forth between reality and whatever lies beyond.

    Her educational background includes a Bachelor Degree in Developmental Psychology from Eastern Washington University, which explains her lifelong passion of trying to understand why people do weird things.

    She has written three novels, Dancing the Salsa, Spirit and the Wolfman, and Spirit and the Vampire. Her upcoming book, Spirit and the Phoenix, will be released in June 2022.

    Please visit raeshellrozet.com to stay up to date on future book releases.

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