Tuned in & Turned on: Bring Conscious Sexuality & Sacred Connection Into Your Life (Paperback)

Tuned in & Turned on: Bring Conscious Sexuality & Sacred Connection Into Your Life By Stefanos Sifandos Cover Image
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This book will help you heal sexual shame, open your heart and step into a sexual identity that you can be proud of.
Do you crave to be seen? Do you yearn for wild, intimate, connected sex? Are you ready to love with an open heart? Are you willing to safely push the edges of your own inhibitions?
Asked another way, are you willing to put the past behind you and tune into the love you crave? If so, this book is for you It will show you that through sacred sexuality you can heal, love, and live a life that is passionate on all levels.
Tuned In & Turned On is a collection of sensual and sexual scriptures that explore our sexual consciousness and acts as a gateway to a sacred part of our humanity; a part that has been repressed and sometimes completely abandoned.
Stefanos Sifandos speaks the language of sacred sexuality in ways seldom seen in modern society. The poetry, the philosophy, and personal range of experience Stef brings to these pages testify to his commitment to evolve humanity and upgrade intimate relationships.
Sex, sexuality, the sacredness of being witnessed raw by another was (and still is) a path to knowing God. Sacred sexuality is our connection to that which we cannot grasp with our analytical minds.
In today's world, healthy sexuality is shunned, hidden and shamed. Instead a distorted and superficial version of sexuality is used to sell you products or services, convince you of what you "should" be attracted to, and manipulate you into judging your own sexual expression as "not enough" all while convincing you that what you truly want is just outside your grasp.
Imagine a world where we accepted all of each other. Where we judge less and see more of the wounds that we hold on to. And that in seeing that within the other, we are able to heal and access something deeper within ourselves. Something that has perhaps been holding you back from living a fuller life.
Stef takes you on a deep journey of expressing the possibility of love having healed past traumas. This book intertwines stories of ravishing love, intimacy, connection, and peak experience with Stef's story of how he came to know himself in the way he does today.
You will traverse ancient practices, hidden wisdom, modern psychology and learn to gain confidence in the way you see yourself, especially sexually. As a result, you will have profoundly deeper, wilder, more connected sex.
This book is about one man's healing journey and how that healing unites the divine feminine and masculine within us all. Through sacred sexuality, we will learn more about ourselves, break through old destructive relational patterns, and grow to love each other (and care for ourselves) in ways we have not before. Now more than ever we need sacred intimacy, connection and a safe place to hold each other, without shame and judgment.

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ISBN: 9781953153647
ISBN-10: 195315364X
Publisher: Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press
Publication Date: September 20th, 2022
Pages: 180
Language: English

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