Foundations of Rope Bondage: A Fun and Friendly Introduction to Rope Fundamentals (Paperback)

Foundations of Rope Bondage: A Fun and Friendly Introduction to Rope Fundamentals By Lazarus Redmayne, Kajira Blue, Theduchy Cover Image
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Foundations of Rope Bondage is the ultimate guide to rope bondage that is perfect for curious beginners who are searching for a friendly and fun introduction to this creative and beautiful art form.Don't know where to start? That's okay This book introduces readers to rope bondage by explaining the basics of rope itself and details fun ties in clear and easy to understand language. With Lazarus's jargon-free and judgement-free descriptions, as well as step-by-step photographs, he has created a fun and informative introduction to this enticing form of play. One of Lazarus's main concerns is making sure all participants are able to give informed consent and understand everything they need to know before they begin to explore rope bondage; which is why he spends two full chapters detailing the safety and medical considerations. Anyone and everyone who is interested can join in on this intimate and wildly fun adventure Starting with four fundamental knots, Lazarus builds from core concepts to teach readers how to create a staggering number of rope scenes. With detailed step-by-step instructions and photographs, this book breaks down 16 essential rope bondage techniques into simple concepts that everyone can learn. The essence of all rope bondage is in the fundamentals, and this is what Foundations of Rope Bondage delivers. Once you have mastered the techniques in this book, you will have the foundations on which to build your library of knots and ties. Lazarus uses easy-to-learn beginner knots like the Lark's Head and the Half Hitch to create key ties like the Lark's Head Single Column and Chest & Hip Harnesses. With the basic knots and ties down pat, readers will have everything they need to move on to more advanced knots and ties.While rope bondage can be an erotic art, this book's purpose is education, not titillation. All of the models are covered in a white suit to make each knot and the steps to creating them easy to see. Combined with Lazarus's classic blue gloves, it makes following each step straightforward. Lazarus's distinct teaching style and phenomenal step-by-step photographs make learning these amazing ties fun and easy.Foundations of Rope Bondage will set you up for a future of rope-filled adventures.

About the Author

Kajira Blue is an energetic and talented rope bottom and an active member of one of the largest and most vibrant kink communities in the U.S. When she began exploring her local kink scene, she quickly became a favorite of several local kink and erotic photographers. She is also avidly interested in kink education and research, and in the study of human sexuality. She brings a unique perspective to the book that as the person being tied and when combined with that of Lazarus, makes it accessible and useful to everyone.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781937866433
ISBN-10: 1937866432
Publisher: Green Candy Press
Publication Date: November 14th, 2023
Pages: 427
Language: English

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