Think Blockchain: A student's guide to blockchain's evolution from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger to Web3. (Paperback)

Think Blockchain: A student's guide to blockchain's evolution from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger to Web3. By Jerry Cuomo, Irving Wladawsky-Berger (Foreword by), Shaun Lynch (Illustrator), Mark Parzygnat Cover Image
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Jerry Cuomo's unique story-telling style along with accompanying illustrations makes it a breeze to be an A+ student in his virtual blockchain class. "Think Blockchain" provides an entertaining and balanced education of blockchain's evolution from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, to the foundation of our Web3 future.

"Think Blockchain" combines both an aspirational and pragmatic overview of blockchain technology, its core capabilities, and the value they generate from a technical and business perspective. It describes various real-world examples, implementations, and approaches, with industry-specific and cross-industry use cases.

Developers will benefit from this book as several of the chapters are technical in nature, some even including simple coding exercises to further crystalize topics like blocks, chains, hashing, mining, smart contracts, and tokens.

Business leaders will equally benefit and are provided with a basis for understanding and evaluating how blockchain technology can transform their organization and business processes. Cuomo encourages business leaders to look over the simple coding examples. They won't bite and might better illustrate what makes blockchain tick.

Business or technical, the topics covered in this book will prove valuable to just about anyone curious and ready to become a scholar of blockchain.

Royalties from this book are being donated to the American Cancer Society.

About the Author

Gennaro (Jerry) Cuomo is an IBM Fellow and considered amongst the most prolific contributors to IBM's software business, producing technologies that have profoundly impacted how the industry conducts commerce over the Internet.

He is one of the founding fathers of WebSphere Software. At IBM, Cuomo has led projects in the areas of AI-powered automation, blockchain, APIs, cloud computing, mobile computing, web server performance and availability.

Cuomo is the author of "Think Blockchain" and "The Art of Automation". He is also the co-authored of the book "Blockchain for Business."

Cuomo enjoys playing golf and drinking craft beer, not at the same time, however, with his friends and best friend and wife Steph. He also enjoys walking his dogs and playing bass guitar in the band Mind the Gap. Irving is a Research Affiliate at MIT's Sloan School of Management and Cybersecurity at MIT Sloan (CAMS) and Fellow of the Initiative on the Digital Economy, of MIT Connection Science, and of the Stanford Digital Economy Lab.

He retired from IBM in May of 2007 after 37 years with the company, where he was responsible for identifying emerging technologies and marketplace developments that are critical to the future of the IT industry, initiatives including the Internet, supercomputing, and Linux.

Since retiring from IBM, Irving has been an Adviser on Digital Strategy and Innovation at Citigroup, at HBO, and at Mastercard. He's been writing a weekly blog,, since 2005. From April of 2012 until July 2020, Irving was a guest columnist for the Wall Street Journal's CIO Journal.

Irving served on and later became co-chair of the President's Information Technology Advisory Committee from 1997 to 2001 and was a founding member of the Computer Sciences and Telecommunications Board of the National Research Council in 1986. Irving is also a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Born in Cuba and having come to the US at the age of 15, he was named 2001 Hispanic Engineer of the Year.

Irving has an M.S. and a Ph. D. in physics from the University of Chicago. Shaun is an award-winning (Red Dot, A* Design) British designer based in Austin, Texas, working at IBM on Automation and Blockchain projects. His professional interests lie primarily in designing for enterprise technology experiences as well as utilizing and maintaining design systems. He's also a keen illustrator in his free time with a soft spot for dogs (and ducks ;-)) Mark Parzygnat is the Director, Global Solution Architecture, for Red Hat. Mark joined Red Hat in 2022, after 24 years with IBM. Mark has held various positions including product development and support, product and release management, and continues to be a champion of emerging technology. He was one of the first involved in and helped create the blockchain division at IBM.

He also helped lead the effort to open source the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) known today as Hyperledger Fabric, through the Linux Foundation. Mark says his inspiration for coining the name Hyperledger "Fabric" came from his undergraduate degree in Textile Engineering from North Carolina State University. Mark is passionate about evangelizing technology that he believes in, such as blockchain, containers, and Kubernetes. He has many publications and patents in a variety of technology spaces. He likes to tinker with small engines and loves to spend time with his wife and kids.

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