The Wages of Sin (Hardcover)

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A terrifying tale about HIV spreading in the early sixteenth century by an author, Publisher Weekly calls "The Master of Alternate History."What if HIV started spreading in the early 1500s rather than the late 1900s? Without modern medicine, anybody who catches HIV is going to die.A patriarchal society reacts to this devastating disease in the only way it knows how: it sequesters women as much as possible, limiting contacts between the sexes except for married couples. While imperfect, such drastic actions do limit the spread of the disease.The 'Wasting' (HIV)
has caused devasting destruction throughout the known world and severely limited the development of technology as well, creating a mid-nineteenth century England and London almost unrecognizable to us. This is the world Viola is born into. Extremely intelligent and growing up in a house full of medical books which she reads, she dreams of travelling to far-off places, something she can only do via books since her actions and movements are severely restricted by both law custom.Meticulously researched and exquisitely detailed in a way only a master like Harry Turtledove can do, this book is a tour-de-force from one of the best historical and alternate history writers ever to write in the genre.

About the Author

Harry Turtledove has been dubbed "The Master of Alternate History" by Publishers Weekly. His works include a number of classic bestsellers in the subgenre, including How Few Remain, The Guns of the South and The Man with the Iron Heart. He uses his study of history (with a Ph.D in Byzantine history) to create alternate worlds in intricate detail; crafting enthralling adventures that have garnered him high critical praise as well as making him one of the most successful bestselling authors in alternate history.Turtledove has won, or been nominated, for nearly every major award in science fiction (multiple times, for many) including the Hugo, Nebula, Sidewise (alternate history), Homer (short stories), The John Esten Cooke Award for Southern Fiction and the Prometheus Award. Harry Turtledove is married to novelist Laura Frankos. They have three daughters, Alison, Rachel and Rebecca and live in California.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781647100926
ISBN-10: 1647100925
Publisher: CAEZIK SF & Fantasy
Publication Date: December 12th, 2023
Pages: 288
Language: English

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