Watch for Falling Rocks: Echidna's Darlings Book Two (Hardcover)

Watch for Falling Rocks: Echidna's Darlings Book Two By Marianna Palmer Cover Image
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Gina Daniels is away from Echidna's School of Monsters for the summer. Hurray But her life as a troll is far from forgotten. A reunion with her mother and a trip to troll mountain brings in more complications. Suddenly, all of Gina's control is lost. A thorn is inside her mind, because not all is well in Troll Mountain thanks to a new Hero, just as bad as Hercules. Thor, the Troll Thumper, the mighty God of Thunder He keeps Gina's mother and people under tight control, but Gloria Daniels doesn't want Gina's help As Gina tries to forget the newfound connection with her mother, she loses more and more of her control while enduring a summer camp for monsters. Gina comes to find out, though, that ignoring that her mother is in trouble isn't at all possible as she starts turning into stone. AND her strength is totally out of control. Realizing she has to do something to stop this and save her mother, Gina sets off to destroy the mighty Thor.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781087962542
ISBN-10: 1087962544
Publisher: Marianna Palmer
Publication Date: April 20th, 2021
Pages: 230
Language: English

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