Frederic, The King Of Arden (Paperback)

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This is a tale of two brothers, and of their families who either love or hate them. Of the older one who is king, and of the younger one who wants to be king, and gains the crown by means of treachery. But, this victory is short- lived, when the older brother discovers the mysterious Sword of Tarsus, and then triumphs over his sibling and the ancient, foreboding black Dragon who protects him. This is a tale of an advanced race of people, called the Togalons, who created these dangerous weapons, which long ago destroyed their proud civilization. This is a tale of castles, and of courtly manners, where knights woo and then win their ladies. Here, within these fertile pages, knights will joust to defend their honor and prove their loyalty in battles, which will decide the fate of many nations. Here, the mystical Tree of Life, whose aromatic fruit has the fragrance of God, instantly heals people. Lastly, this is a tale of monks, and of religion in a mountain monastery. Of near death experiences, which explore the idea of eternal life, of God who is in Heaven, and of Satan who rules Hell. Beware, all of you who enter here, for this story may have some unforeseen effect on your moral essence, and bring about a sudden change in your life, either for the good or for the evil of all. Remember, you have been forewarned.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780981613215
ISBN-10: 0981613217
Publisher: Epicus Publishing
Publication Date: January 10th, 2014
Pages: 150
Language: English

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