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Thomas Fire Support

Our Pledge to you who loss your home in the Thomas Fire in Ventura, Ojai, Santa Paula, Fillmore Santa Barbara, Carpinteria and Montecito:

We will be giving away over 10,000 books to help encourage you all who have suffered the loss. You can pick up some of these books beginning now and you will be able to come in multiple times between now and end of April. New books will be added weekly.

In addition, through the end of 2018, you will have the right to purchase any of the rare or used books in our bookstores at 50% off.

Also, you and the rest of the general public will have the right to purchase any new book at 20% of the publisher's price. There is no membership fee to get this privilege. This is an ongoing discount. We seek your support for us, as we show support to you.

We hurt for you and want to do our part to help you. Recovery takes time and community support is needed, which we understand and want to do our part.

Our Pledge to first responders:
We also want to express our appreciation to the commitment of the first responders, the Firefighters, Police and CHP. There are additional free books for you, to express our appreciation. You made a such a difference saving lives and property.

Bank of Books
748 E. Main, Ventura. 805-643-3154

Abednego Book Shoppe
2684 E. Main, Ventura. 805-643-9350

Our pledge to you,
Clarey and Debby Rudd
'Bank' Presidents
Helping rebuild, one book at a time.
Becoming Strong Again!

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