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Recycling Books

Trade Policy:

We have an exciting program that allows you to "recycle" your unwanted book and receive a discount on the puchase of a used book in the store.

We know you have books lying around your home and in storage that you just don't want anymore, but you're not sure what to do with them or where to take them.

We have a solution "trade credit". This is what we call our program.


step 1 - Bring in unwanted books (we take everything) NO MOLDY or INCOMPLETE BOOKS.
step 2 - Leave your name and phone number with your books. We assess them for a value (this is dependent on what we have in stock and what we have been selling). If you're not sure you want to part with a book, please don't bring it in for trade because we might not be able to locate it after it has been processed. Once the books are processed (it may be a day or two) and a value determined, an index card is made for you that we keep on file at our Abednego location.
step 3 - You will receive a call with you new balance of trade credit.
step 4 - Now, when you make purchases of any used book in the stores you'll received up to 50% off the cost of the book as long as you have enough credit to cover the cost. EXAMPLE: you want to buy a $10 book and you have a balance of $15 in your trade credit. The book would cost you $5.00 + tax and your new trade credit balance would be $10.00.


  **There is no cash exchanged for your books. Think discount.**
***We only process trade books at our Abednego Book Shoppe location: 2682 E. Main St. Ventura, CA 93003***











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