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« Saturday December 22, 2012 »
Start: 11:00 am
End: 1:00 pm
In Ventura:   Book Signing   Bank of Books will be hosting local poet John Gentry author of "Treading Lightly: Not So Modern Poetry in the Post-Modern Age" for a reading and book singing event on December 22nd John will be reading some of his poems from the book and be available to answer questions. John Gentry - California poet John Gentry is a retired teacher and an unapologetic rhymer- a rare appellation in this age of modern, free verse poetry. He is a septuagenarian senior citizen drawing on 30 years of elementary classroom teaching, four years of service on a U.S. Navy destroyer, and more than a dozen years of west coast open mic poetry exposure to bring this first published volume to light. He is a father of five adopted children (all grown) and two grandchildren with one more on the way. John has lived in Ventura, California for the past 50 years and is a member of the local Tuesday Night Poets.
Start: 3:00 pm
End: 5:00 pm
In Ventura:      Book Signing Bank of Books will be hosting Sonia Marsh, author of: " Freeways to Flip-Flops: A Family's Year of Gutsy Living on a Tropical Island" for a book singing event on December 22nd   About the Book and Author:  Freeways to Flip-Flops: A Family's Year of Gutsy Living on a Tropical Island - What do you do when life in sunny Southern California starts to seem plastic, materialistic and just plain hellish? For Sonia and Duke Marsh, the answer was to sell their worldly goods and move to an unspoiled, simpler life with their three sons in Belize, Central America, a third-world country without all the comforts and distractions of life in the developed world. Sonia hopes the move will bring her shattered family back together. She feels her sons slipping away from her, and her overworked husband never has time for her or the boys. Instead, things begin to go wrong immediately. The home they initially rented isn’t available, so the family is forced to take up residence in a primitive, bug-infested shack. Duke’s telecommuting plans prove impractical because of unreliable Internet access, and he loses his job. Middle son Alec – always a conscientious, polite, tractable child – misses his friends and has trouble adjusting. As the days turn into months, Sonia finds herself questioning the family’s decision to move on a nearly daily basis. This is the story of one family’s search for paradise. In this memoir, Sonia chronicles a year of defeats, fears and setbacks – and also the ultimate triumph of seeing once-frayed family ties grow back stronger from shared challenges and misfortunes. For Sonia, paradise turned out not to be a place, but an appreciation of life’s simple pleasures – a close-knit family and three well-adjusted sons with a global outlook on life. Sonia Marsh - Sonia prides herself on being a "Gutsy" woman who can pack her carry-on and move to another continent in one day. As a motivational speaker, and the founder of the "My Gutsy Story" series on her blog, "Gutsy Living," she inspires audiences to get out of their comfort zone, take a risk and pursue their dreams. Sonia welcomes new friends, bloggers, writers and readers to contact her on Twitter, Facebook or on her blog. She has lived in many countries - Denmark, Nigeria, France, England, the U.S. and Belize - Sonia Marsh considers herself a citizen of the world. She holds a degree in environmental science from the University of East Anglia, U.K., and now lives in Southern California with her husband, Duke.
Start: 5:00 pm
End: 7:00 pm
In Ventura:   Book Signing   Bank of Books will be hosting Louis Lapides author of "Jesus or Yeshua: Exploring the Jewish Roots of Christianity" on December 22nd. About the book:   Jesus or Yeshua: Exploring the Jewish Roots of Christianity. It has taken 2000 years for the Jewish roots of Christianity to be yanked out of its Hebraic origins. In contrast, the Jewish or Gentile follower of Jesus who reads Jesus or Yeshua: Exploring the Jewish Roots of Christianity will discover that much of everyday Christian terminology is strongly connected to the original Jewish background of the biblical Christianity. Lapides' goal in compiling this brief 32 page guide is to help Gentile believers recognize those "Christian" terms that have been historical stumbling blocks to Jewish seekers and yet hold the key to help Jewish people gain a deeper understanding of the New Testament messianic faith.In addition, the Jewish seeker who reads Jesus or Yeshua will discover the wonderful message of Jesus as the Messiah of both Jewish and Gentile people.   About the Author:  Louis Lapides is a Jewish believer in Jesus, taught biblical studies at BIOLA University focusing on Old Testament history & New Testament theology. He also worked as an instructor for Walk Thru the Bible Seminars teaching Old & New Testament seminars. Lapides has been featured as a Christian spokesperson on several national radio & television talk shows such as Dennis Prager's Religion on the Line on KABC radio in Los Angeles. He also appeared as a guest on several talk shows on KKLA Christian radio in the LA market. He is included as a Messianic Prophecy expert in Lee Strobel's national best seller The Case For Christ. Louis served as Sr. Pastor & founder of Beth Ariel Fellowship in Sherman Oaks, CA. From several decades of serving the Lord at his congregation, Lapides has delivered hundreds of biblical messages on a myriad of relevant topics. In light of his love of the Scriptures, he has focused on expository preaching in which the Word of God takes center stage. For several years Louis worked as a writer/blogger with radio host and musician John Tesh. While working for John, Louis learned social media networking skills as a marketing tool in the entertainment field. Louis Lapides was born and raised in Newark, N.J. He considers himself an "East Coast guy" but has made his home in Southern California with his wife Kathryn. He has two sons, Jonathan and Justin. When he accepted Jesus as his Messiah & Lord, Louis entered the ministry and prepared for his calling by earning a B.A. in religion at Dallas Baptist University and two master degrees in Old Testament and Semitics at Talbot Theological Seminary. Louis' passion is for learning the truths of God's word & delivering his research on a level where people can grasp the meaning of the Scriptures. He also enjoys writing columns & blogs on the Internet regarding current world & national events, the impact of our culture and the significance of the Middle East conflict for our times.      
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