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Consignment Policy

Consignment Guidelines


We are pleased to have the opportunity to exhibit your work through our consignment program. It is our policy to take certain work, whether it be art or books, on consignment with the intention to sell said work, and trust the author or artist will make every effort to promote their items that are on sale in the store. BANK OF BOOKS is not responsible for any lost/stolen/damaged books or art while in our store.



Sales of each item will be distributed at 60% to the author
and 40% to Bank of Books.



At the end of three months, Bank of Books will pay the agreed upon % due for items sold.
At that time, both parties will agree to continue for an additional three months or will remove unsold work.


For additional information please contact
In Ventura: 
Chris (805) 643-3154
email: bank-book@sbcglobal.net





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